Eddie Solis had worked with an accounting firm for years, but he just wasn’t getting the level of communication he wanted. When the accounting firm continued to make assumptions without confirming their accuracy with Eddie, he knew he needed to go in a different direction. He decided to give Bartlinski & Associates a try based on shared experience as a fellow martial arts studio owner and the positive interactions he’d had in previous studio-related work. Eddie says, “I called AJB for help because his experience as a martial arts school owner was very valuable to me. I felt confident that they could handle the work. AJB and his associates have always come through for me 100% of the time, including conducting a business valuation that helped me sell one of my studios for a price that pleased everyone involved.”


Bartlinski & Associates began to get Eddie’s accounting in order immediately. “The first thing AJB did was put things in order and set up my account so he could pull an accurate P&L statement,” says Eddie. “We now do this every month so I have a clear picture of how my money is being spent and where I need to focus.” He soon saw that his need for more communication was being met as well. “AJB has a very professional staff. Even though they are located in Maryland and I am in California, the three-hour time difference has no bearing on our ability to communicate. His team is always available for me.”


Now Eddie is getting the information he needs, along with great service. “I feel my books are accurate, and I have a clear picture of how I can improve my business and increase my profits,” he reports. “It is always a pleasure to speak with AJB and his associates; they always make me feel important and let me know I’m appreciated as a client.” His martial arts school is thriving too. “Al Bartlinski has been a martial arts studio owner for 45 years. No other accounting firm can possibly understand the martial arts industry as well as AJB.” Eddie couldn’t be more pleased with his decision to trust his accounting work to Bartlinski & Associates and wants other business owners to experience the same great results he has. “I would highly recommend AJB to any business that is concerned with improving their bottom line and wants 100% accuracy with their bookkeeping,” says Eddie. “On a scale of 1-10, I give them a 10 on everything!”

Over the last 25 years, AJB has provided me with valuable financial and estate planning guidance as well as help and advice in other areas that have impacted my business and net worth in a positive way. I would highly recommend them to anyone regardless of the industry they are in.

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